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     On April 23, 1997, the Registrant  issued the press release attached hereto
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                 99.1      Press Release of the Registrant dated April 23, 1997.


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                                  FAIR, ISAAC AND COMPANY, INCORPORATED

DATE:   April 23, 1997

                                    By:   /s/ Peter L. McCorkell
                                              Peter L. McCorkell
                                       Senior Vice President, Secretary and 
                                       General Counsel


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                                Fair Isaac Logo

                                 PRESS RELEASE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                            NYSE SYMBOL:  FIC
                                                 Contact:  H. Robert Heller
                                                 (415) 472-2211

April 23, 1997


San Rafael,  California--Fair,  Isaac and Company,  Incorporated today announced
that it has entered into a  preliminary  agreement  to acquire  Risk  Management
Technologies  ("RMT"), a privately-held  company based in Berkeley,  California.
RMT  is  the  leading   provider  of   enterprise-wide   risk   management   and
performance-measurement  solutions to major financial  institutions,  worldwide.
Fair,  Isaac  pioneered the  development of credit scoring and automated  credit
decision systems used by most large U.S. credit issuers and, increasingly, major
lenders around the world.

The  merger,  which  will be  accomplished  through a stock  swap  valued at $46
million,  is expected to close  before  July 1, and will be  accounted  for as a
pooling of interests.

Founded in 1989, RMT now has a staff of about 50. In 1996, the company  recorded
revenues of $7.2 million,  more than double the 1995 level. Revenues principally
come from licensing of The RADAR System(TM), RMT's integrated financial decision
support software,  and from implementation and consulting services. In addition,
the company licenses RMT Genesis(TM), a graphical client-server application that
assists  in  the  creation  and  optimal  use  of  data  warehouses.   Strategic
partnerships with IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation and Informix leverage RMT's
marketing and implementation resources.

The  acquisition  will enable Fair,  Isaac to extend its  franchise in providing
data-driven decision tools to the financial services industry beyond its current
focus on individual  customers.  Fair, Isaac will use its established  sales and
marketing  channels to  distribute  RMT's  products and services to both new and
existing  customers,  thus expanding the company's array of data-based  decision
tools to support an institution's entire financial risk management picture.

                                    - more -

                            120 NORTH REDWOOD DRIVE
                         SAN RAFAEL, CA 94903 1996 USA
                      TEL: 415.472.2211 FAX: 415.492.9381

"Fair,  Isaac continually seeks  opportunities to build on our core expertise of
data  analysis  and  predictive   modeling  in  financial   services  and  other
industries," said Fair, Isaac President and CEO Larry Rosenberger.  "RMT is also
in the business of helping companies make better decisions through data. Our two
companies are well matched with regard to business purpose, the clients we serve
and corporate culture."

Risk  Management  Technologies  Chairman and CEO David LaCross  noted,  "RMT and
Fair, Isaac already share a common vision:  to help financial  institutions make
better use of  detailed  institution-wide  data to improve  decision-making  and
risk-adjusted  return.  Together we plan to lead the next  evolution in decision
support technology for total risk  management--the  integration of interest rate
risk  management  with credit risk  management in a common  strategic  view. Our
complementary strengths bring that goal much closer today."

"We at Fair,  Isaac are truly excited  about joining  forces with RMT," added H.
Robert  Heller,  Fair,  Isaac  Executive  Vice  President.  "Together we plan to
pioneer  new  financial  risk  management  techniques.   Fair,  Isaac's  current
offerings focus largely on individual credit and account  management  decisions,
while RMT's  technology is used by CFOs and other  financial  managers to tackle
enterprise-wide  risk  management.  Together we can create the first  integrated
risk  management  solutions  that range  from  retail-level  decision-making  to
overall corporate strategy."

RMT was founded in 1989 to provide  comprehensive  decision  support  systems to
major financial institutions.  Since entering the market in 1993 with a complete
asset-liability   management  product  targeted  at  larger,  more  complex  and
sophisticated institutions, RMT's client list has grown to include both U.S. and
international  financial institutions such as Chase Manhattan Bank, First Union,
Wachovia,  Wells  Fargo,  the UK's Abbey  National,  ANZ Bank in  Melbourne  and
Sumitomo Bank in Tokyo.

Fair, Isaac and Company and its wholly owned subsidiaries, DynaMark and Credit &
Risk Management  Associates,  provide  predictive  models,  software systems and
components,  data processing and database management services, and consulting to
the credit,  insurance,  health care and direct  marketing  industries.  For the
fiscal year ended  September 30, 1996, the company  reported net income of $16.2
million or $1.27 per share on consolidated revenues of $148.7 million. Today the
company  reported  record  earnings and  revenues  for the three- and  six-month
periods ended March 31, 1997.  For the first six months of the 1997 fiscal year,
net income was $9.58 million or $.74 per share on revenues of $88.0 million.